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Starpoint™ is small and fast enough, it can sit on X86 and ARM chips without pulling on any processing resources.

We are actively seeking partnerships in the IoT space in an effort to garner data and bolster our on-device capabilities.

Local Sensor

We have plans to implemant Starpoint™ as a localized agent, making it available for Windows & Linux systems to be used for asset detection at any level.

Application Integrations

Starpoint™ will soon integrate with:

  • EDR
  • XDR

Threat Intel Author

Starpoint™ will not only identify a malicious file in a Zero Threat environment, but will label the threat actor related to that file, for further remediation.

Threat Intel:

Starpoint’s Deep Learning capabilites will be able to identify and categorize similar threats into groups for easier management.

Memory Scanning

We are working on implementing In-memory and Mem-dumping protection into Starpoint™, allowing it to pull an process files, even in the case of machine failure.

New Models

Starpoint™ will soon be able to scan and process new file types, including:

  • PDF
  • Office
  • Javascript
  • Powershell

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