Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Quantum Star Technologies is committed to protecting personal information. This statement lays out how QST collects and uses information. This applies to QST’s website, applications, and services.

Personal Information We Collect and Use

In the course of utilizing QST services and applications, account-specific detail will be collected and used for purposes such as:

Maintaining a customer relationship, potential engagement, or to provide effective services.

–  Maintain, Improve, or expand our products and capabilities.

–  Aggregation of combination of customer-specific information for reporting or performance improvement specific to furthering the product.

–  Non-specific marketing or other insights from QST website or services use.

External Sharing of Personal or Business Data

No customer-specific information is sold or transferred. Customer operational accounts and services are segmented to prevent interaction or exposure.

Customers will be offered choices if QST desires to share data in a specific way other than depicted in this statement. Products may require person-specific and business- specific data in order to properly supply effective services. Customer data sent to QST applications will be processed and may have contents analyzed within files or combined with other forms of data in order to provide required contracted services.

Legal Sharing of Personal or Business Data

Legal requirements may occur which mandate QST hold, collect, or provide data to law enforcement or other related organizations at local, state, federal levels. Where allowed, QST will attempt to disclose these requirements and decisions to customers in good faith and in compliance with internal Responsible Disclosure Policy. Inability or refusal of customers to supply data when required by law or for the product itself to be able to provide its services may require suspension or cancellation of services.

Control of Personal or Business Data

Data retained for account-specific management purposes can be requested for removal. Data submitted to QST applications is analyzed and per agreement will be retained for product improvement purposes as described in this Privacy Policy statement. If there are questions or concerns about data use or data removal, inquiries or specific data management requests can always be made to your account-specific contact for assistance and resolution.