Why Deep Learning

What Is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that mimics the functionality and connectivity of neurons in the human brain.
Deep Learning does not require human intervention to process new information or detect changes. As more data is fed into its neural network, it becomes better at intuitively understanding the new data. That way, even if there are minimal changes in the system, it accurately pinpoints and neutralizes the potential threat.

The Future of Cybersecurity

At Quantum Star Technologies™, our team is dedicated to advancing our deep learning systems and improving cybersecurity. With our deep learning algorithms, your current cybersecurity solutions (AV, EPP, EDR) will be able to quickly detect malware or potential threats to your system.
Traditional algorithms tend to cause the system to create false alarms, sending the security team into a frenzy. But with deep learning, the algorithm analyzes the data traffic with better accuracy and helps security teams differentiate between good and bad networks.

Starpoint™ takes network defense a step further and proactively “hunts” for any suspicious files that may already exist within your network. This pre-breach analysis can clean up your network and keep it clean – all while consuming only 35 MB of RAM
From dealing with malware to detecting spam to analyzing user activities, deep learning applications can greatly improve your cybersecurity. Get in touch with the Quantum Star team, and benefit from advanced levels of protection with our quality algorithms.

The Future Of Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence has universally validated a machine’s ability to think and act with less human mediation for decades. Deep Learning has specifically facilitated this “thinking” and “acting” with the human brain as its model. Absorbing, deciphering, computing, and analyzing data is now done in minutes by a qualified machine.

What does this mean for the future? As hackers and bad theater actors are getting smarter and using more advanced technologies, the advancement of Deep Learning will give us the ability to combat these threats.